Our factory-trained engineers work to meet the demanding international standards and codes of practice which ensures that all work is of the highest quality, allowing us to offer you comprehensive guarantees.

Whatever your service requirements, RESITECH has the experience and the people to help you.

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Installation and commissioning is a key part of putting machines into service.

RESITECH ensures that installation and commissioning is carried out carefully by using the correct procedures, thereby investing in the machine´s serviceability and reliability for its entire service life.

All tasks carried out on the machines are recorded, delivered to the user and also filed for further reference if needed.

There are a number of factors that determine an optimal maintenance schedule for your particular type of  equipment, including: the age of the equipment, existing wear and tear, prior damage, duration/frequency of use and type of use.

Preventive maintenance refers to regular, routine maintenance to help keep equipment up and running, preventing any unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated equipment failure.

It requires careful planning and scheduling of maintenance on equipment before there is an actual problem as well as keeping accurate records of past inspections and servicing reports.

Preventive maintenance management can be very complex, especially for factories with a lot of equipment. For this reason, many companies in Ghana and West Africa rely on RESITECH to organize and carry out all their preventive maintenance needs.

Whatever your equipment needs, one of our experienced, factory trained technicians can recommend a preventive maintenance schedule that’s right for you.

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RESITECH‘s engineers do not only specialize in installing machines and systems, they are also ideally equipped to swiftly perform any types of repairs.

We  understand that  worn or damaged equipment poses a significant risk in the  industrial world, therefore RESITECH offers a range of after-market maintenance and repair services to ensure your equipment performs reliably, safely, and efficiently at all times.

With RESITECH you are always ­assured of having reliable support from our own experts who are factory trained and experienced engineers.