JUNGHEINRICH Forklifts and other intra-logistics equipment at a glance

High quality forklifts, forklift-trucks, hand pallet forklifts in Ghana as well as other intra-logistics solutions.

We are authorized distributor in Ghana and neighboring countries for renowned JUNGHEINRICH forklifts, forklift-trucks and complete intra-logistics solutions from racking systems to warehouse management software (WMS), from hand pallet forklifts and durable forklift-trucks, electric stacker-truck forklifts, high rack stacker forklifts, reach truck forklifts, order picker forklifts, forklift pallet carriers, forklift trailers, electric pedestrian forklift trucks – we have it all!

RESITECH LTD. believes in offering consistent quality consultation and after sales service as well as providing solutions and optimizations in order to achieve reliable, high throughput for its clients, with international quality standards. We assure that every forklift, forklift-truck or other warehouse equipment distributed by us is highly reliable, efficient and durable.

Our team of qualified, JUNGHEINRICH factory trained engineers, in Accra, Ghana, cares for your exact requirements.

RESITECH LTD. in Accra, Ghana, are authorized agent for JUNGHEINRICH FORK-LIFTS in West-Africa including Accra, Ghana and provides high quality, turn-key intra-logistics solutions in West-Africa and Ghana.

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