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ELBERTON / HARSONIC Biofilm control systems

in Ghana, West-Africa


ELBERTON / Harsonic is an ultrasound system that puts the water and the vessel or pipe wall in resonance.
These ultrasonic sound waves prevent cells to attach to the surfaces and hence to start the formation of biofilm.

Traditional chemical and mechanical cleaning methods only remove the visible and protruding biofilm.

Picture of ELBERTON / HARSONIC Biofilm control systems

A layer of resistant biofilm always remains, and in this layer bacteria strains or other micro-organisms can survive.

When a new biofilm develops on this layer, these bacteria will grow and develop again.

Without removing this layer of resistant biofilm, some bacterial strains are never destroyed, and the same infection will occur again.


ELBERTON / HARSONIC Biofilm Control Technology

Ultrasonic waves travel more than 200 meter through liquids. This means only a few transducers are necessary for a maximum effect and keeps the investment down.

The ultrasonic waves generate a very light cavitation which detaches also the resistant biofilm from the walls, and prevents new biofilm to be formed. The patented HS technology makes sure the aimed results are achieved and prevents the ultrasonic vibrations of causing any damages to the materials.

As the authorized distributor of the HARSONIC ® line of products
in Ghana, West-Africa, RESITECH LTD. offers the full range of high quality ELBERTON / HARSONIC Biofilm control systems in Ghana.


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